Before and After Photos of Actual Patients

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

This 61-year-old male wanted an immediate fix for his smile. He was displeased with the gaps and spacing. Also, the yellowing of his teeth aged him. In addition, this patient suffered from periodontal disease, and his bite was out of alignment, which caused him pain. Without having to go through months of orthodontic treatment, this patient gained beautiful esthetics in a short period of time through periodontal therapy, and crown and bridge treatment.

Our patient not only loves the new look of his smile but his healthy gums and increased function. This look was achieved in less than a month, as compared to over a year of orthodontic treatment!

Dental Emergency

This 41-year-old male experienced an injury in which he lost a large portion of his anterior teeth. The patient came to our office in pain, worried that he might have to lose his front teeth! Through root canal therapy, and crown restorations, he was able to obtain a smile he found more desirable than that prior to his injury. Most importantly, he required no extractions, as the doctor was able to build up his existing teeth. On the same day, our patient was able to walk out pain-free, in temporary teeth which were esthetically pleasing. In less than two weeks, this patient had permanent teeth, and restored happiness!

Wedding Day

This 31-year-old female wanted the perfect smile for her wedding day! She was happy with her lower teeth but wanted to make her upper teeth as beautiful as her lower set. Through a combination of Crowns and Veneers, the doctor was able to achieve the perfect shape, size, and coloring to match her lower arch. This patient was very pleased with the outcome and was able to smile brightly on the day she said, “I do!”

Flexible Partial Denture

This 65 year old female was very unhappy with her smile. Her fear of the dentist lead to avoiding her regular check-up, and eventually loosing many of her teeth prematurely.

Before Dr. Mayo initiated treatment, this patient made it very clear that she wanted to be happy with not only the look of her denture, but the feel of it. Dr. Mayo suggested a denture with a flexible base to provide the highest level of comfort. Needless to say, this patient has been happy the she can smile again, and chew comfortably.

One Hour Whitening

This 27 year old female presented with yellowing due to coffee drinking. She says she was very emarrassed by the color, and often smiled with her mouth closed, or not at all. Within one short hour, her stained teeth advanced several shades, to the beautiful bright white she desired.

She says her new white smile helps her appear more youthful, and increased her confidence level dramatically…no more smiling with her mouth closed!

This is NOT a Denture! It’s a Bridge!

This 59 Year old gentleman was adamant about not being in a denture because he was “far too young”! While he was extremely compromised due to periodontal disease, and several broken down teeth, Dr. Mayo was able to restore his smile to stunning!

Through periodontal therapy, and procedures which build up broken teeth to make them suitable for crowns and bridgework, Dr. Mayo improved the overall look, confidence, and most importantly–dental health of this 59 year young man!